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About Us

It is SunRiseSunSet Publishing's belief that the power of the written word can positively impact an individual's life, and that it can be a powerful force for good. The power of storytelling lies in reaching people on an emotional level and influencing their perceptions about themselves and others. The power of stories can have a profound impact on our world, and we believe they can be powerful tools for bringing change.

In spite of being polarized and divided by our differences, sharing stories helps us to bridge those divides and highlight our commonalities. Creating empathy and understanding through storytelling can open the door to collaboration and progress.

Wayne Washington, Creator

About Us
At SunRiseSunSet Publishing
    • We believe in the power of the written word.
    • We believe written storytelling encourages and motivates others.
    • We believe that all of us have overcome adversity at some time.
    • We believe in the stories of those who have died. They too can inspire others to heal.
    • We believe that your personal story could save someone’s life.
    • We believe that transparency frees the mind and elevates the spirit.
Mission & Vision
To Elevate The Hearts And Minds Of Humanity.

As a global community, we strive to create an environment that encourages everyone to share their stories. We want them to be appreciated for who they are, find inspiration, motivation, and feel encouraged by others. SunRiseSunSet is committed to providing a platform for writers and readers to find, share, and appreciate stories. We hope individuals everywhere will be inspired to write about their own journeys.

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